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    well guys we are up and running and hope to have a few pics to you soon. Ran my first batches of parts Sat , Mon and Wed... totalling just over 200pcs(largest is 7.33 in2^)
    They were dyed black and subsequently laser etched (also in-house) with our logo.
    You can see the finished product at

    The pic on the homepage is NOT of a brake using our anodized parts. but as I said I'll post some soon.

    I used 12A sg ft for 1 hr and a slightly more concentrated electrolyte . Cathodes are 284 sq in of 6061 Al.

    Thanks for all the advice and assistance. Esp Fibre and Neo.
    I still have a few more questions but will post them later

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    Sounds good elton10! I'd love to see some pics, keep us updated when you post them.

    BTW, what electrolyte concentration are you using? Have you tried any other colors than black? Just trying to find the good dyeing envelope limits without testing them all myself.


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      actually Im using Caswells grey at 140 degrees for 15 mins it gives a really nice black black without any of the red or blue cast that some blacks seem to exhibit(the caswell black which seems a lot like US Color BK seems to have touch of red). One reason we got the set-up was to do custom colors so I'll post experiences here as soon as I run different colors.
      I want to double check the concentration ratio before I put it in writing *l*( I think we set it at 15% sulfuric--not battery--acid. I think battery acid is 30% sulfuric?
      By the way should the Ph just be 4 or less or is there a SPECIFIC ph anodizing should be run at


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        Nice work Elton10.

        Battery acid is a 35% sulfuric acid concentration by weight, and a 19.2% concentration by volume. This is because sulfuric acid is heavier than water. To avoid confusion you should specify the concentration you used as volume.

        SG measurements aren't useful here, as soon a you anodize some aluminum is dissolved into the electrolyte. This aluminum content throws off the SG calibration and makes the SG measurement useless. The SG of water is 1.00, the SG of aluminum is 3 and some change.


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          Thanks.. but a lot was due to help from you and Neo. The concetration is approx 15 % by weight..Which is the low end of commercial concentration.

          Neo.. can you contact me off [email protected]

          I have some info/questions re colors Id like to discuss with you