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Cleaning chlorine from plastic buckets

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  • Cleaning chlorine from plastic buckets

    Hey Guys,

    I got my hands on some buckets that would make excellent tanks but they are pool chlorine buckets, what is the best way to flush the chlorine from the buckets so they will not contaminate my tanks with chlorine?

    Will just a hose do the job or should I use some other chemical to kill the chlorine residue.


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    I had the same issue. I rinsed the buckets several times and left clean water standing in them for 3 days. When I tried anodizing in one the chlorine smell was terrible. I couldn't think of any other way to get the chlorine out so I got new tanks. I would recomend staying away from the chlorine buckets as the chlorine gas that can be produced is very dangerous. I did not try them for dye or sealer but I suppose that the chlorine residue could contaminate those as well.


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      New buckets are cheap enough at Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. I have almost an unending supply of chlorine buckets, but having seen what chlorine will do when mixed with other mixtures I don't think it's worth fooling with.