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Can I use any stainless for the sealing stage?

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  • Can I use any stainless for the sealing stage?

    Hi all!
    Would it be ok to use a cheap stainless-steel pot for the Nickel Acetate sealing stage, as I intend to use an external heat source? I've read that only 316 should be used, but does anyone have an experience of using other types, as the cheap pot is almost certainly not 316?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give!


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    I use cheap stainless steel stock pots for both dyeing and boiling water sealing, never had a problem. Nickel acetate should be OK, SS is inert to most compounds like acetates.


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      Thanks fibergeek! I didn't think anyone was going to reply! I'll go and buy them this week, and eventually let everyone know how I get on.


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        Check out Ebay Item number: 2395333124. That is the pots I use for dying and sealing. They work great and are very affordable.


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          I could only get 8 litre (8.5 US quarts, I think) stockpots, but they'll be more than enough for what I need right now. I also got a neat little electric stove (about the size of a small briefcase) that gets the water boiling in about 30-40 mins. Looks like quite a neat & tidy setup, now I'm just waiting on my PSU. Cant wait!

          Thanks again guys!


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            When using an external heat source such as a stove the stainless pots are a natural choice. When using the submersible heaters plastic buckets work better in a sense, because the plastic doesn?t loose as much heat as metal and that makes it easier to heat the solution.