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Removing anodizing - Frequently Frustrated!

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  • Removing anodizing - Frequently Frustrated!

    Hello..I suspect this has been covered to death..just wondering if I can get a response from up here in a remote part of the world. There is not an anodizing facility within a thousand miles of me.

    I have a early 70's Ford van with a anodized grille. I would like to strip it so I can polish it. I have several test pieces, one being a headlight ring. I tried using some Drano to strip it (I can't even seem to get purer Sodium Hydroxide up here) and ended up pitting the piece after the oxide layer was taken off.

    I'm on to plan B . I have talked to the Caswell rep today and he suggested a note on the board. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated. Anyone do this to a grille before? Will the Caswell stripper remove the anodization without too much pitting?

    Can I spray it on? the grille is large and submerging the piece will be difficult. It will cost a fair amount to get the stripper shipped to here and I'd like to do this fairly cost effectively.


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    oven cleaner ..... but caswell sell's vht stripper that is spray


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      The most likely thing you'll find that should work is Red Devil brand Lye. You should be able to find it at nearly any grocery/hardware store. When stripping, check on the part every five minutes to ensure that you are not pitting it.


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        Any suggestions as to how much red devil lye to add per gallon of water? I'm sure that it would be stronger that what would normally be used to un-clog a drain so would it be ok to dump the solution down the drain after use?


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          Thanks for the responses

          I tried 2 tablespoons of Drano for a gallon of water but it tooks hrs to strip the anodizing..which stripped unevenly and left pits in some areas.

          I am going to try the Caswell stripper although it's not cheap. The company guy told me I could brush it on.

          Oh we go again...