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I'm a newbie with some questions

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  • I'm a newbie with some questions

    Hello all, I've been reading excellent info on these forums and have decided to join in.
    I've just set up an LCD system and have had good results (for a newbie).
    I've got a 15 gal. tank, and I'm using a 10 amp battery charger (for now) with a router speed controller used to adjust the current. I'm shooting blind as to the voltage, but so far the ano process seems to be working well.
    Here is my question: How the heck do you guys get all of those fantastic colored designs, etc?
    I've done a fade, and I've even done a red to gold fade flame job on a black background, but I'm scratching my head on some of the jobs I've seen. I haven't had any luck with acid wash. Do you overlay a dark color over a light color, then sponge or wipe the surface with the ano acid to get the effects?
    I'm a paintballer (team AcidRain) and am extremely interested in the great effects that are being done and hope to glean some information from you guys for my own markers. Any tips are greatly appreciated!
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    We have some people here with extensive experience in decorative dyeing. I will defer to them, they know more about that than I do.

    I will say this; the anodize layer you form is your "canvas", your dyeing results can be no better than the "canvas" will allow. Get a cheap multimeter and a 0.1 Ohm 10 Watt power resistor, and start taking and recording voltage and current measurements. This will pay off big time.


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      Great, yes, any dye techniques anybody can help me with is greatly appreciated!
      As for the volt-ohm meter, I picked one up the other day and ran a test piece. I don't have a resistor yet, but judging from the amp meter on the battery charger, For 2 sq. ft. of part and charging 10 amps, the voltage settled in at about 10.2 volts. A bit low, but seamed to ano OK none the less.
      Next test piece I will use a resistor to get an accurate amps reading and chart the volts during the entire process.
      I may switch to using a deep cycle battery for the power source if needed.
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        A battery is not a good choice for anodizing. Yes I know what it says in the anodizing manual. Its also dangerous; a mistake can cause the battery to explode or violently outgas, the latter will spew battery acid an appreciable distance.

        You will need a way to control the current. The battery charger controlled by a lamp dimmer (look in the LCD Manual) will allow you to do this cheaply.


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          Thanks for that info. It sounded kind of wierd, but was suggested in the manual so...
          I'm currently using a battery charger with a router speed controller rated to 15 amps @ 115vac. It seems to be working OK, except the voltage seemed a little low.
          I will run some more test parts this weekend and monitor the volts and amps more closely this time and post a new thread with those results.
          I'm also looking at some CC power sources on ebay and will post those links asking for oppinions on those.
          Thanks for the help, -Acid
          I do things.


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            Your router speed controller is the same thing; a zero voltage switched triac, you can use that.

            Be wary of the voltage, battery chargers have no voltage regulation at all, the voltage it puts out depends on the current you are pulling from it. You can quickly get into trouble if you aren't watching carefully.