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Fibergeek's Anodization Curves, 2 of 3

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  • Fibergeek's Anodization Curves, 2 of 3

    This set of curves is 6061 at five current densities.

    The same level of precision as the previous curves, the electrolyte was also 9.4% by volume. electrolyte temperature was held at 71 deg. F..

    Notice that the bulk resistances (OSF) show higher values with lower current densities, about 1.7 OSF at 6 ASF which is the upper end of LCD. With LCD electrolyte, it would be about 2.2 OSF. This is due to the higher conductivity of stronger electrolyte.

    The 6, 12, and maybe the 15 ASF curves slope downward a little, no where as much 2024 in the previous curves. This means that 9.4% electrolyte is slightly too strong for these ASFs when anodizing 6061. 18 ASF slopes upward, and 21 ASF really takes off. Look at the coating thickness for each ASF. 78 um is over 3 mils thick.

    The 21 ASF curve is not a fluke, I can repeat it.

    All of the anode connections in all the curves presented here were fusion welded with a CDW prototype. There were zero failures and not even a hint of trouble any with these connections.

    What needs to be remembered here is that the current density effects OSF as does the alloy.