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  • CC Rectifier

    I have a question about the rectifier issue. I know that a CC rectifier is needed for anodizing, but whats the possibilitys with a none CC rectifier?
    The problem is that i have 2 rectifiers already and none of them are CC.
    One of them has 2 knobs (for voltage, and ampere) still its not CC.
    If I would do a LCD-anodizing and act as CC myself, that is adjusting the Ampere by hand during the process, would that be possible. I could maybe connect a Ampere-meter to the system and check that the ampere is in the right range by adjusting it?

    The thing is that I only would like to anodize one small part in a system a build pretty rarely, so i could spend some time adjusting, if that now is possible rather than spending money on another rectifier

    Thanks in advance

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    Yes, you can mimic CC operation by manually adjusting the current as the anodization proceeds. You must have a reasonably accurate ammeter to monitor the current.


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      You could also add a quick-n-dirty current control using an LM117 family voltage regulator wired as a current limiter.

      A single chip & single resistor (or potentiometer) allows you to set current at whatever you need, up to 5 amps.

      See the PDF data sheets: - 1.5A - 3A - 5A
      Seans Zinc Plating page


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        Thanks alot Fibergeek and Seanc. Im going to check up those regulators and try them out. Otherwise i could go with the manual adjustment, but yes - not needing to stand by the process and turn a knob every now and then would be nice.