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Anybody use Caswells Mask-It?

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  • Anybody use Caswells Mask-It?

    Anybody use Mask-It?
    I need a liquid mask to use between colors after anodize. I've had OK luck with rubber cement, but it's kind of goopy, and doesn't peel off well if it's not applied really thick.
    Also, anybody use any other types of mask that doesn't leave residue including tapes and masking films?
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    Do not try mask-it for that! It will seep into the anodized surface and leave a nasty residue. And if you try to seal it with the mask-it on, it will actually seal into the pours.

    I suppose this could be a good thing if you want to use an anodized piece in a caustic solution. After I did this, I could not strip the part to re-anodize.

    You can use silicone window insulation. It peals off easier than silicone.

    If you are spraying on the dye, you could go with vinyl. I tried all sorts of tapes, and found vinyl was the easiest to work with. You can get it at art supply stores.


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      Thanks for that info. I'm glad I didn't order any Mask-it.

      I have had terrible results with silicone. It seems that the raw anodized surface absorbs anything that it comes in contact with.

      The sheet type masks work good except for the glue residue. I've heard that you can clean the residue with solvents (laquer thinner) and then check it for residue with a black light. I'll try that next.

      I tried the regular hot-melt glue, but it fell off in the hot dyes. I guess I should try the high-temp type.
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