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Calculating the surface area?

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  • Calculating the surface area?


    I have a quick question.

    Does anyone know if you can accurately calculate the surface area of the parts in the anodizing tank using the resistance between the parts and the cathodes?

    I am using a total of 256 inĀ² lead cathodes. The parts I anodize have many little spots that are difficult to measure.

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    It seems reasonable to think so, but there are two problems.

    1. Bare aluminum will have an extremely low surface resistance, way too low for any common Ohm meter. A conductance measurement would be required.

    2. Ionization effects; most liquids ionize when current flows through them, resulting in all sorts of variations in a resistance or conductance measurement. A repeatable measurement is next to impossible unless a liquid that won't ionize is used. Mercury would work, but this isn't practical.