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  • sput welder

    has anyone used one and what do you think of it?

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    anyways i just ordered one. i'll let you know how it go's.


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      Originally posted by lastone75
      anyways i just ordered one. i'll let you know how it go's.
      Which model did you get? Have you had a chance to try it out yet?


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        ordered the type 5.

        put the order in the 9th. there drop shipped. so you can't be hoping on caswells great service.


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          Don't blame Caswell, this is my fault.

          As of today, this is where things stand:

          1. The printed circuit boards for both Type 5 and Type 6 are assembled and tested, everything is working fine.

          2. The aluminum front panels for both are now 2 weeks late. I went to the vendor's shop this morning and he claims he needs 2 more days, we'll see.

          3. The front panel graphics overlay for the Type 5 is 1 week away.

          I apologize again for this taking so long, I had to put an electronics manufacturing operation together from scratch. Wouldn't you know, the electronics were no problem at all.

          Lastone75 and Jtsuttle, I will see to it personally that your units ship in the very first batch.


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            fiber far from blaming you or caswell
            i posted the organal of this thread before i saw the sticky on the sput welder. then realized it was going to be awhile.
            i have no problems at all.
            actauly one the caswell page with the sput welder should have some kind of info on the drop shipping. so that the people that don't visit the forum or not often enough know what the deal is.

            later claudio


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              Good point, Lastone75. I'll speak to Lance about it.


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                Fibergeek, i am going to order a type 5, what is the delivery time looking like on them?


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                  Will it be all right if I answer that after I get the front panels and the graphics overlay? I'm understandably nervous about making promises that involve vendors I can't control.

                  It's obvious now that a purchase order; with the leadtime as specified by the vendor, and counter signed and dated by the vendor, has little meaning. And "I'm sorry" by the vendor won't cut it. I now know of at least one local vendor who won't be seeing any future business from me, period. Its back to, they do hold their quoted schedules to the letter (4 out of 4 times).

                  We will fill the pipeline, and leadtimes will become what you have every right to expect; UPS ground shipping time between ZIP code 21045 and yours, plus one business day to process the order, period.

                  (edited to add)

                  You guys who ordered Type 5 CDWs are going to be impressed, this thing is a MACHINE (you know what I mean).


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                    hey no complants from me. just make mine the first type 5 out the door

                    you have in sticky on the sput welder

                    4 weeks on the type 6 and add a week for the 5.

                    so that was as of last week as i recall.

                    i'll start complaining after that time passes. not lol


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                      Lastone75, you got it. Yours ships in the first batch which all ship the same day, you have my word on this.


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                        Shipping Update

                        I received the Type 5 front panels and the graphics overlays for them yesterday. Everything fits fine (sigh of relief).

                        Type 5 orders ship on Monday, Nov. 1. Including yours, Lastone75.

                        I will know on Friday (10-29) if the front panels for Type 6 are ready, if so I will get them then. If they are OK, Type 6 orders will also ship on Monday Nov. 1.


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                            I got the front panels for Type 6 on Monday, Nov. 8. Seven weeks to the day for an order quoted at 3 weeks.

                            Shipping all Type 6 backorders tomorrow AM.

                            Lance quotes a standard 5 business days leadtime for everything drop shipped from another vendor. We will conform to this, though I expect now to usually ship much faster.


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                              got it thanks works great. takes some tinkering with the setting for difrent wires sizes but ala in all excelent.

                              sorry all your supplier are giving you a hard time.