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    What do you guys use for ventilation? I am planning to build a new ventilation system so I thought I would get some input from you guys first. I have been using a small squirl cage fan but it is getting pretty corroded from the fumes off of my anodize tank, plus its way to small. I have looked for larger fans of the same type but most have the motor on the inside right in the path of the fumes. I would think that this is a bad idea. I would like a fan that is powerful enough to do 4 of my tanks at a time (anodize, 2 dyes, and sealer). The tanks are 18 gallons each. The fan I have now will only do one tank at best. I have modified the lids of my tanks to double as vent hoods so that each one has its own hood. They will be ducted to the exhaust fan via 4" pvc dryer vent hose. At the fan I will fabricate some sort of pvc atachment to accept the 4 hoses. My main question is what would be the best fan to use and where to find one. Any recommendations on CFM requirements and corrosion resistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would recommend that you don't use the fan to pull the fumes out, if you have a good seal on the tank hood, you could push the fumes out by having an inlet fan. This way, the fan could be several feet away from the tank, and any possible corrosive fumes.
    I would recommend a duct fan, the ones that fit right inside a 4" diameter duct. You can buy them from any home improvement "box" store. They run off of 120vac

    You could also look for 120vac fans used for rack cabinets. You could find this at a salvage depot that sells old high tech stuff.


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      jtsuttle quick question

      what are yoyu useing for an agator in your tank?


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        For my ano tank I use a pump like the one NeoMoses mentioned in this post:

        For all others I just use an aquarium air pump.


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          ok cool

          only reason i ask is casue since i switched form air to water jet agatation i notiticed a drastic drop in sulfuric acid smell in the air. but my second tank is still set up the the old air pump. so i have to watch when i use it.

          i keep my tanks near the only window in the shop and have the window open 4" at the top with a small fan blowing air out. seems to work ok.