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Types of Alloys?

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  • Types of Alloys?

    I have just purchased a LCD anodizing kit from Caswell and I am in the process of setting up a small room/workshop to start anodizing. I have read through the manual and re-read through the anodizing section several times. I have not started anodizing yet but have many questions. I guess I would like to start with the basics. I have been reading through the forms nightly (excellent site!) and would like to find out the different types of aluminum alloys, their characteristics and how the alloys are affected by the anodizing process. Are there any other books on anodizing you would recommend? Thank you.

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    The very technical and extensive two volume set The Surface treatment and Finishing of Aluminum and its Alloys by Wernick, Pinner, and Sheasby isn't cheap, but is considered the "Bible of Anodizing". Less involved is Light Metals Finishing Process Manual by David C. Montgomery. This is actually a copied 3 ring binder (not a bound book) published by the AESF. The anodizing process here is kind of light on details and rather primitive, but this book has lots of good info on prep for anodizing.

    Look for 3 threads further down this page titled Fibergeek's Anodizing Curves where the influence of alloy composition on anodizing is discussed.


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      Types of Alloys

      Thank You!