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dammage from water?

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  • dammage from water?

    okay - i've just been talking to some people who are having some problems with their anodised parts (nothing I produced) but they did raise a reoccurring problem. They say that the parts when used in a water coolant system are becoming damaged in that the color is being removed from the part where it is in contact with the water. This is just normal distilled water so nothing special and temps are between 30 and 50 deg C.

    I can't see how the anodised layer would be 'corroded' but I may be wrong.

    My guess woudl have been the sealing of the layer and in fact that its the dye that is leaching out and that there isn't any damage to the layer.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

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    I agree. That would be my take on the situation without more information.