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  • anno power supply

    I'm looking to set up a small anno line, and I'm wondering if I can use what I have already for a power supply. I have a 12-14 volt DC power supply rated at 12.5 amps. Yes, the amperage is a little on the low side, but I'm only going to be working with small items (Surface area would be around 50 square inches at the max, many of the items being less than 25). Would this work as a power supply? I've used this item as an alternative to a 12 volt battery in other applications, and I've read elsewhere that for small projects a 12 volt battery or two work as a power supply, so I'm going to assume that there is some potential in my 12 volt dc unit. If it is absolutely necessary I buy something else, well I guess I have no choice, but I'd like to save some money if I can (at least for the time being). Thanks.

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    Welcome to our forum Jasonboulanger.

    To start, read the recent thread "New to Anodizing", Scockin provides a link to download the LCD instructions. Do this first, the answers to nearly all of your questions are there.

    Regarding your power supply.
    Sorry, it won't work without extensive internal electronic modifications, these don't have any means to control the current, which is absolutely necessary for successful anodizing. The LCD instructions detail a method to hook up an ordinary 600W lamp dimmer to the AC side of an automotive battery charger, so that the current can be controlled by varying the voltage. This method will not work with your power supply, don't try it.


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      Alright, thanks for the reply!