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how to strip anodizing?

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  • how to strip anodizing?

    I want to strip clear anodizing off aluminum... I tried oven cleaner on one part and it seemed to work, but left the aluminum pitted and rough. I know I can sand...

    Any suggestions?

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    Typically, I use household Chrystal drain cleaner (Red Devil, Drano). 1 can in ~3 gal. of water. Temperature makes a big difference.
    Too cold and it will take a long time to work, and may not remove the ano evenly.
    Too hot and it will act too aggressively, and pit the aluminum.
    I have found with that ratio, ~65F is just right. Gently brushing with a soft nylon brush helps.
    I usually de-grease before stripping as I have had stubborn ano that won't come out of the inside corners and threads, and had to leave the part in the stripper for long periods of time. De-greasing helps the stripper to get into the corners, and is not inhibited by surface contaminants.
    Also, when stripping clear, it's hard to tell if the part has been completely stripped. A quick check with an ohm meter will tell you if the surface has been completely stripped. Ano does not conduct electricity.
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