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  • keeping my shine?

    since there aren't a lot of people tank chroming aluminum i thought maybe you guys could help. Ater polishing your parts how do "you" clean them before plating or anodizing? The compound is hard to get off, i've used SP at 180F and dulls the shine. Tech told me to use comet but it dulls the shine too. It seems this kit was not really designed for aluminum plating as there is little information on the subject. I've learned more in the anodizing section of the manual then anywhere. thanks for the help!

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    I pre-wash in simple green solution and warm water. Then dip in hot cleaner, but I keep the temp at about 150 degrees. Spray the part with distilled water to further knock any compound off make sure it passes the water break test.


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      so you dip in a mix of green/h20 what ratio and how warm? then in 150 degree cleaner.....SP? This maintains the shine still?
      thanks, i'll try it tonight.


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        I wish I could say it is my Idea but I got it from the Metal Polishing section. Also do a search on this site on aluminum cleaning. There is a expert metal finisher called M_D who has some great tips for cleanning and prepping aluminum.