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  • Ph level

    I need to raise the ph level in my acid tank. I should add more acid right?

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    No. Higher pH is less acidic, lower pH is more acidic.

    Since I think you are talking about the electrolyte in an anodizing tank, the acceptable acid content range is much wider than is normal for a lead/acid battery. pH measurements of anodizing electrolyte is a waste of time.


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      I thought that might be my problem. It seems I can't get my amps up.


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        It seems I can't get my amps up.
        If you can't get the current you require it means that you have insufficient voltage for the overall resistance of your setup; I = V/R. I'm assuming that your PS is rated to provide the desired current. The other thing that can do this is very bad electrical connections, which are increasing the resistance substantially, thus requiring more voltage for the current to flow.

        Increased acid content and higher electrolyte temperature will both lower the electrolyte resistance, thus requiring less voltage for a given current. But in anodizing, both increase the dissolution rate, not a good way to fix the problem.

        Check your connections.