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Spot repair hard anodizing?

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  • Spot repair hard anodizing?

    Well, I just built an AR-15 rifle. Just as I was about to finish, I put about a 1/4" scratch down the side of it. The metal is aluminum, and it is hard anodized flat black. I really don't want to have the whole thing re-anodized. Is there a way to do a quick spot repair on it?


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    Been there, done that.

    This doesn't help you now, but I made an application specific set of roll pin punches and assembly slave pins for the AR platform, uppers and lowers. Even the dreaded bolt release latch roll pin. No big deal if you have a lathe.

    For now, use a dab of flat black paint, you will be able to remove it later if something better comes along.

    We are looking into ways to do local anodization for small area repairs on anodized coatings, I don't know yet if it will work without messing up the existing anodize, or even work at all. Stay tuned.