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  • white dye

    I see in MAX anodizing page a paintball gun, white; i know the white dye dont exist , my question is What is the process for get a white color? thanks.

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    bead blasted, no dye(silver)


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      White Anodize

      Does anyone know why there is no white dye offered. If you think about it, it is just another primary color like black. I have some parts that we currently paint high heat white and the quality is less than satisfying but we have been putting up with it for years.


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        White and black are not primary colors, white is the sum of all colors, and black is the total absence of color.
        Dye is not paint, it doesn't produce color the same way. The "black" dye that is available is a mixture of 3-5 other colors, carefully ratioed to cancel out color, which accounts for its higher cost. "White" dye would be a good trick, which the dye industry can't do, at least not yet.


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          what also works for white is. i give it a lite sanding with a scotch pad ( or bead blast) and then soak it in the desmutter for about 1/2 an hour . gives me the clostest to white as posible. i would post pictures but my server crashed.