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  • anodizing bath

    I recently ran a bath and didnt notice there was a piece of copper inside my work. Now my acid bath has a blue ish tint to it and my gp plates have what it looks like copper on them. do i need to start all over again with the acid bath, and will scrubbing the copper off of the plates work or do i need new ones?

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    I'd start over, but I have no first hand knowledge of the effects this may have on your parts. It seams likely the contamination will affect your process. I anodize expensive paintball guns, etc., and there is no way I would risk ruining my efforts.
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      Ok im doing paintball guns my self and every one came out great . till this one . Which was a crappy jt that i was doing for a friend for free, go figure the one i did for free messed up my bath.