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Question about Caswells dye

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  • Question about Caswells dye

    Just curious, is Caswells dye specificaly formulated (diluted) for LCD anodizing or should it work just as well for HCD anodizing? I have been anodizing for over a year with excellent results at 10 to 12 A/sq. ft. but have been using dye from another source. I tried two new colors from Caswell over the weekend with my usual process and could not get any of my parts to take dye very well. The colors are fast blue and turquoise. I know that these are light colors but the results I'm getting are very, very pale. The material is 6061 and both dyes were heated to 140 and parts left in for 30+ minutes. Any sugestions/info would be greatly appreciated.

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    LCD uses the same dyes at the same concentration as any other anodizing process. If you're having a problem something else is going on.


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      I don't know about specific dye formulations, but I am using the same 2 colors as you are, and I noticed a significant difference in how the dyes took.

      The Turquoise dye begins coloring fairly quickly and evenly over the surface of the part. Full color takes 5-10 minutes. I leave the part for 15 minutes.

      The Fast Blue took a LOT longer to begin coloring, and first appeared in spots which gradually grew in size. More spots appeared as time went on, until eventually the entire surface was covered. Even after 15 minutes, full color was not there. I left the part in dye for over 30 minutes to achieve the color. This may have been due to some anomaly during anodizing, but I don't know. Everything seemed to be going normally, and the dye did eventually work well.

      This photo show both colors on a brushed surface. Alloy is unknown, both anodized at 4.5 ASF w/the same pre-anodize cleaning & prep. Hope this helps.

      The photo links to a web page w/more higher resolution images.

      Seans Zinc Plating page


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        I've had no ill effects when dying with Electric blue. Parts began to take the dye immediately with full color in 15 minutes @ 140F (6061, 6 amps/sq.ft., 90minutes ano time @ 70F.). It's a beutiful deep blue.
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