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    I know I saw somebody post a ratio of simple green/water to use in a precleaner to remove buffing compound, but I cant seem to find it. Can anybody help me out? Is using it straight too harsh? 10:1?


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    I have not had good luck at all with Simple Green. I've had it dull the polished surfaces even with week solutions, and the biggest problem was that it didn't really remove all of the grease.
    I've switched to lacquer thinner. It instantly removes the grease, and when blown dry with compressed air, removes buildup from the tightest corners. I follow that up with a quick dip in 140F SP cleaner, rinse with distilled water, then right into the ano tank. Hope that helps.
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      sure, thanks for the input. Do you allow to soak for so long in the thinner or does it work fairly quickly?

      Id much rather have simple green in the process then thinner, but ill do whatever saves the time of getting the compound off by hand!


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        I use a three gal bucket and a two gal bucket with holes drilled in it for a dip basket. Pop all the parts that will comfortably fit in the basket and drop 'em in the thinner (lacquer thinner, not paint thinner).
        Then, with gloved hands, individually pull each part out and give it a quick scrub and blow dry with compressed air. It's the most effortless way I've found to remove buff grease without loosing the shine you just worked so hard at.
        Snap the lid on when you're done, and it will last a long time. You can dispose the used lacquer thinner at autopaint shops that recycle thier solvents, or at your local houshold hazardous waste sites.
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