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where to buy aluminum wire

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  • where to buy aluminum wire

    Anyone know of a good place online to buy aluminum wire? The only places we have local is Radioshack and a welders supply co. All they have at Radioshack is 12 Ga. I like it, but its too big for some of my jobs. I would like to find some a little smaller. I have also tried aluminum welding rod but its pretty expensive and hard to bend.

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    Radioshack aluminum wire is 8 AWG, not 12 AWG, at least at Radioshacks in MD.

    Mcmaster Carr in New Jersey ( carries the appropriate Al wire in sizes from 28 AWG (0.013" dia.) to 8 AWG (0.125" dia.) available online in 1/4 or 1 lb. spools. 16 AWG (0.050" dia.) is what came with your sputwelder.