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  • ano tank pumps.......

    does anybody have a recommendation for a pump that will suite for either submerged or exterior to the anodizing bath?

    I have went back through and seen several posts about different pumps, but then several of the people have later said that the pump had failed at a later date.

    Any safe bets as far as these pumps go? Around 700-800GPH would probably be best. Thanks for any input!

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    I have a Little Giant pump rated for high corrosive applications that is still going. It probably has at least 1,500 hours of run time on it. I thought that it was showing signs of failing once, but it was ok. It is not a submersible model.


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      yeah, according to little giants tech data, they look like they should hold up. The only problem is they arent self priming, and theres no way I want to cut a hole in my tank and have the pump at a lower elevation to self prime the thing. I want to run PVC up and out of the ano tank into the pump which would be sitting beside the ano tank. I wonder if it would stay primed after turning it off after its initially setup and running.

      I just got a good leason on the "head" of these pumps and how much adding hose/tubing to them reduces the flow/GPH..........and how the chiller units need a certain flow and head pressure run into them. Interesting.


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        Once the pump is primed and the lines are full it should stay primed, ours does. The intake line runs up and over in our, as you described.

        If you use PVC for the pluming, where it goes up and over the tank edge, you could add a tee with at least 1 threaded port where fluid can be poured into the intake line to fill the pump. Then seal it with a pipe thread plug before turning the pump on.

        There is always a danger, should a leak occur, of the tank being siphoned dry. You might think about how deep the intake line is in the tank, and have the pump reside in a container with enough capacity to hold the volume that could be siphoned.

        Also, those pumps and others come with grease in them, you need to clean it well before placing it into service or it will contaminate the whole anodizing tank.


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          I am also thinking of getting the smallest Little Giant HC pump.

          As a newbie, I am planning on using the pump for cooling of the ano tank, but can it be used for agitation in place of the air lines?


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            Yes, a pump can replace air lines for agitation.