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Sput Welder on Firearms?

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  • Sput Welder on Firearms?

    Has anyone used the Sput Welders to connect the wire to the parts of a firearm that may be anodized? Is this the best possible connection for the frame of a pistol or rifle receiver? What is your experience?

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    It will be the best electrical connection. As far as the best way for a firearm, Fibergeek has done them and can give you the low down when he reads the post. SS


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      Neilfj has sput welded the connection on at least two AR lowers. I have done it on two AR lowers and several aluminum pistol frames. As usual we both had excellent results and zero electrical problems.

      For something the size of an AR lower (0.56 Sq.ft. surface area) I welded the anode connection (16 AWG Al wire) inside the fire contol cavity. To stabilize the lower in the tank I added a second suspension point by loosely looping a second wire through the front pivot pin lugs. This second wire has no electrical function and is only used for stability. if its loose enough it won't interfere with anodizing and dyeing.