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Anodising Newby Needs Help Setting Up! Who's A Guru?

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  • sswee
    Caswell handles everything you are wanting to know about. The site has pick-a-kit help, and a full page on LCD anodizing kit. They also have a UK distributor. You'll probably want to look at a aluminum polishing kit to polish the MC parts before anodizing. As far as cost, the site has prices in US dollars. I don't know the current exchange so I can't help much in that area.

    The Caswell Inc link at the top of the page will get you there.

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  • UKEZ
    started a topic Anodising Newby Needs Help Setting Up! Who's A Guru?

    Anodising Newby Needs Help Setting Up! Who's A Guru?

    Hello everyone, i've been sitting here the last half an hour having a read up on some bits online regarding anodising and chroming. Interesting!

    Well anyways, im basically looking to get me a kit of some kind so i can start doing some DIY anodising on certain parts of my new Yamaha R1 and bits on my friends bikes and anything else i can get my hands on.

    I'm kinda just hoping to take it up as a hobby and maybe something a bit more later on depending on how it goes.

    Could one of you gentlemen please point in the right direction but keep in mind im not in the states im in London United Kingdom.

    1)what kit do i need?
    2)where can i buy it from?
    3)How much would it cost?

    Has anyone got any links for me, please.

    Same goes for the chroming kits?