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    I have a Caswell power supply and it is really hard to read the amp meter when im doing small parts. Is there any way to get a better reading. I tried a digital meter in-line but i dont think that it reads correctly. Like if there was a loose connection.

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    Do you have the 3A or the 20A? How do you mean hard to read? LED dim or not enough resolution

    How small of a part and what setting are you trying?

    Fibergeek will be able to help you for sure, but will need a little more info.

    How's it going other than that?


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      sorry i have the 25 amp plater


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        The 25A plater is not even regulated let alone CC.

        I think you mean hard to set the current. If your work is real small (less than 10 sq. in.) it's going to be a little clumsy even with a 20A CC/CV supply. You would do best with a 3A unit, the 3A CC/CV would be ideal.


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          most of my stuff is over 10 sq inches. is there some way for me to dial it in better or am i screwed. dont get me wrong i have had some very nice finished product , and when i get my sput welder im sure ill have more. I guess when i was looking at the rectifiers it seemed to me a better buy to get the 25 amp for the money. I do plann on doing larger projects.


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            Just a thought - If your doing ok on the larger pieces with your rectifier, why not put a robber plate in for the added surface area.

            I started with the 3A because of the 95.00 price tag and to make sure everything was going to work ok. It didn't take me long to get the 20A after I saw how easy and well CC worked. The 20A won't go below .6A but I can switch to the 3A or run more pcs. if needed.


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              that is a great idea thanks.


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                Like Sswee says: ONLY if you're doing OK with larger pieces. A "robber plate" won't help if the current setting problem is resolution.


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                  The only problem i have is the meter on the 25 amp plater is to small. so im going to replace the meter with a larger display. That should help me .