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    Yes, I thoroughly rinse into the tank I've just pulled parts from (I use a small garden sprayer... the kind you put water in and pump up and is hand held...~1/2 gal capacity), then dunk in a distilled water tank (or neutralizer tank after ano). I change the dunk tank after every step to avoid any cross contamination. I use a handheld PH meter to monitor the dunk tanks so that they can be neutralized before pouring them down the city waste line.
    The only considerable waste I generate is old cloudy nickel acetate sealer. I still have to figure out a safe way to dispose that.

    Anybody else have to deal with old sealer?
    I do things.


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      Okay - version 3!

      The other question I have is in regards to degreasing - acidrain mentioned lacquer thinner - but what about commercial products? Does anyone know of any good dip degreaser that works well in this sort of process?

      This is where the idea of the dishwasher comes back to haunt me


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        Okay - i did warn you this was going to be a big thread

        I'm looking for some more help here on numbers - I need to figure out what size of chiller I need and if the pump i'm looking at is enough to agitate/circulate the solution.

        I'm working right now iwth a 230 litre tank (50 Gal UK) - and a flow rate of 50 L / min which would give a complete circulation cycle time of 4.5 mins. Does that seem enough?

        On the cooling the numbers i've worked out so far is based on the potential watts (I know this isn't accurate but only thing i kinda understand) of 800 W (40 A @ 20V) which will produce a rise in temp of approx 5 deg C every min. If i take the flow rate and * by the rise in temp then / by 14.4 I get 17 kW required in chiller size. Does this seem about right? I think its way high but don't know how to calculate it. Any help woudl be idea.

        On the chiller size and the fact that previously acquarium chillers have been mentioned would any of these suit?

        Thanks once again