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  • green dye

    I was looking through the photo album and there is a spyder paintball gun that is faded to green. It looks like a hot green. can any one tell me which green that is. thanx

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    Which page and/or post date?


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      page 3 its a spyder tl second row down on the left.


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        If you click on the Comment: , alot of the pics have the colors they used for the part. The pic looked more like a flourescent to me. I wouldn't have guessed right.

        Pic Title: Spyder TL+ Body
        Pic Description: Green AEN/Gray
        Poster: jbrink
        Posted: 13 Feb 2004 09:38


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          after reading this post awhile back, I knew I needed to order the green AEN dye. I really liked the color in that picture. I didnt remember what color green I had already, but obviously wasnt green AEN because my green is a good bit darker then that.

          Well, I ordered some green AEN dye. Yep, its the same green dye I already had and neither are close to that picture. Maybe if you dunked the part in yellow after the green AEN it would get that bright of green.....

          Just an FYI for anybody dye shopping and reading this post.