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Brite Dip anodizing on car trim

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  • Brite Dip anodizing on car trim

    I have alot of aluminum 67 impala trim moldings that I've repaired and polished and want to get reanodized with the original factory Brite Dip finish. Is this finish available for use with these do-it-yourself kits? Thanks.

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    The bright dip finish that was commonly used on car trim is not something I would ever suggest a hobby user looking into. Its dangerous, the fumes from a chemical bright dip solution choke you easily and they spread rapidly.

    I would suggest you just buff to a mirror bright finish, anodize approximately 2-3 ten-thousandths and leave it as such. Its a trade off between brightness retained, and corrossion resistence provided.

    Longer anodize times = thicker coating = less brightness. The opposite is true also.

    If you want to pay to have someone do such a thing for you, then its possible. Commercially available solutions exist, electropolishing + anodizing works great on 3003 alloys and 6061 alloys. Considering nobody knows what your car trim is made from (assumptions can be made on what it is) your best bet is still mechanical buff + anodize.
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      Thanks for your excellent advice!