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  • Power Supply?

    I am starting an anodizing line in my machine shop. I figure I need to handle 30sqf at a time. So a 400 amp power supply should do it (I think). I have a 600 amp dc welding machine with amp and volt adjustment. Would this work?
    Thanks for any Info.

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    I don't believe the welder is going to cut it as a power supply. I believe there is to much ripple in the output on top of other things to work for our needs. I am sure Fibergeek or someone else can go into detail on the subject for you.



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      Thank you


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        30 sq. ft. @ 4 amps per sq. ft. C.D. = 120 amps
        30 sq. ft. @ 6 amps per sq. ft. C.D. = 180 amps
        You need a constant current (CC) power source for anodizing.
        Voltages at those currents will be somewhere in the 10 to 15 vdc (depending on alloy, temperature and electrolyte).
        Hope that helps.
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          Generally speaking anodizing type II has a thickness of .5 to .7 especially for good dying. Of course many have been successful with lower numbers but most industrial accounts now maintain .5 to .7 . At 6 amps per sq ft it takes 60 minutes to reach .5 thickness. I suggest that you bump the asf up to 10-12 asf to have a reasonable time in the tank.I'm sure Caswell can supply a DC power supply that can help you out



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            You talking about a CD outside the parameters of LCD anodizing. There is more to it than just turning up the juice to reduce run times. Your talking about a different acid concentration, more problems with tank cooling and a higher voltage demand to supply the necessary current. The PS Caswell offers now is capable of 10-12 ASF.