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Phosphori Acid Anodization

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  • sswee
    Not knowing the procedures for PAA, can't say what would work. This forum deals with LCD anodizing. Type II sulfuric. Sorry, can't be of help.

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  • jtippman
    started a topic Phosphori Acid Anodization

    Phosphori Acid Anodization

    I am a student trying to anodize some AL 6061-T6 for research. My intentions are to do a FPL pretreatment and then Phosphoric Acid Anodization.
    I am reading from text that the FPL etch bath needs a compistion of 15.0 parts FeS0(4) 37 parts H(2)SO(4) and 48 parts H(2)O and the PAA to have 100 g/L H(3)PO(4).

    I am interested in the following questions:

    1. Is FPL and PAA safe enough to do in a lab (fume hood is accesible)?
    2. If 1. is yes, is there a kit with specified solutions above?
    3. If no kit is available with those solutions, can I buy a kit and then use my own solutions obtained elsewhere?

    I appreciate all the help...thank you.