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  • Starting freelance anodizing

    So I'm thinking about starting freelance anodizing at home. I play tournament paintball and I know people that would let me anodize for them once I got anodizing down.
    So my question is, what all do I need?
    I need something that works great, but doesnt cost a fortune (paintball costs enough).

    Any help appriciated.

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    *power source/recitifier/battery charger
    *tank of some kind(rubbermaid containers work well)
    *battery acid
    *distilled water(lots)
    *aluminum wire
    *aluminum or lead sheet (to make cathode)
    *practice and the power to go thru w/ this
    caswell has everything except the acid,tank, and the last one - Quality custom anodizing for simple and complicated jobs.


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      So how much with this probably run me?
      I dont need a huge kit, just enought to get by.


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        Go here and read up on procedure. It will tell you how and give you an idea of the components used.

        *power source/recitifier/battery charger - 50.00 to 300.00 depending how you go. Rectifier is the best, I've gone down that road. Caswell 3Amp 100.00.
        *tank of some kind(rubbermaid containers work well) - 10.00 to 20.00 You need one big enough to hold the part and some extra room for electrolyte so you don't have hard temp. rises.
        *dyes - Check Caswell site for dye. Also need bucket or container and a way to heat to 140 degrees.
        *sealers - Check Caswell site for price. You can boil to seal. Also need container and way to heat to boil.
        *battery acid - about 6.00 a gallon last I bought
        *distilled water(lots) - 1.00 a gallon at most grocery stores
        *aluminum wire - price varies on size and vendor
        *aluminum or lead sheet (to make cathode) - price varies on size, grade and vendor

        Alot of things will save heartache by spending a little to setup right from the git go than to save a few pennies going the cheap route. Best of luck.


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          You can't go wrong by buying an LCD Anodizing kit.
          Mike Caswell
          Caswell Inc

          Need Support? Visit our online support section at


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            dangerdan- he is right, buying the caswell kit is the easiest method to getting started.

            And please be prepared to invest much time into learning to anodize. It isnt always as easy as buying the stuff and BAM, your a professional anodizer. There is ALOT involved in the fundamentals of anodizing, and it def. takes some time to learn the in's and out's. The book that should come with your kit will give you a great head start, and forums such as these will help with other questions.......just be prepared to invest more time into it then $