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Acid leach at connection point

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  • Acid leach at connection point

    I am using a 1/8 in alloy welding rod threded into a hole for a hanger which works fine for the electrical connection but seems to trap acid in the threads which I cant seem to remove at the rinse stage. Result is leach at dying and no color around the threaded hole. I was thinking of a dob of super glue around the rod as a seal. Not sure how the super glue will stand up to the acid. Alternative, can a part be handled beteen anodizing and dying. That is can I remove the threaded rod and reattach after rinsing the threaded hole.

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    handle it with clean latex gloves, otherwise oil form your hands will cover the pores that the dye should go into, you could try a hot glue gun, it's easier to remove and it about like caulk.

    or remove the rod to rinse which shouldn't hurt i've handled parts in between just not with hands


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      I had the same results, and have shared this with many fellow anodizers...
      pull the parts after ano and spray with distilled water into the tank. Pay special attention to the holes that can trap the acid.
      Submerge the parts directly into a bucket of neutralizing water... a combination of 3 gal distilled water and 2 cups baking soda (completely disolved). I buy big bags of it from costco for treating swimming pools. Swish the part around a bit, and allow to sit for 15min or so, then pull the part and rinse again with distilled water spray paying special attention to holes, etc.
      Submerge the part in fresh distilled water until ready to dye or seal. Don't allow the water to dry on the surface if possible.
      For absolutely critical areas, do the same process, and remove the threaded wire (wear gloves) before submerging in the neutralizer. Then you can thread it back in to dye and seal.
      I do things.