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photoresist, fotofoil, selective etching

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  • photoresist, fotofoil, selective etching

    There used to be a product called fotofoil. it was used on some audio equipment - for instance MOOG synthesisers.
    "Fotofoil is anodized aluminum in which the anodizing is dyed black and then covered
    with a photosensitive resist. You expose the resist through a photographic
    film, then wash away the unexposed portions. This leaves the unexposed
    portions uncovered and the exposed portions covered by the resist. Then you
    put the whole panel in lye, which etches away the uncovered portions and gives
    you the panel design in natural aluminum. That's how all Moog modules were
    made after 1965."

    I cant find this product anymore. But I have been looking for photoresists that would do the job. there must be a photoresist that will survive caustic etching out there but I cannot find anything on searchsites
    I tried Electrolube PRP200 - but this is used for PCB making and did not survive the caustic etch.
    The effect I am after is very simple - just graphic etched in anodised aluminium - but I cannot find much info even from some pros

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    can u post a picure of an example i didn't follow, but it sound s alot like the PC board kits at radio shack, excent they use copper on acrylic panel and follwo the same proces to leave the coated copper ribbon uneffected


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      yeh its the same kind of thing. but you caustic etch instead of acid etch.
      anodise dissolves in the caustic/lye
      apparently KPR photoresist will do the trick - but I am in Australia and they do not seem to sell it anywhere