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    Since I am getting slight variations in color shading, I have decided to check the PH of my dyes (most were mixed many months ago). A search of the forum found most of the references were for the red dye, but not others. Is the optimum PH level of all the Caswell dyes in the 5.5 to 6.1 range, or does it vary by color?

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    From my experiences, most of the color shade variations have been traced back to slight differences in part finish prior to the anodize process, slight differences in etch or DeOx/DeSmut times, Anodize parameters causing coating variations, or dye time and temps. I try to keep tabs on all the variables because I do alot of repeats on the identical parts. I still have slight variations in shades of color on some runs. Some of the runs made back to back. I searched the forum on ph problems with dyes and found only info on black, red and any color using red to mix that color. All posts show a ph of 5.5 to 6 as optimum with one saying that black worked best for them at a ph of 6 to 7.

    If you are having only slight color variations, I would tend to believe that it is related to inconsistancies in the parameters or procedures. Most dye complaints due to ph that I have seen have been acute.

    I am definitly interested in what you find out. I would rather learn from what others have dealt with than to have to deal with it myself from scratch.


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      The recommended Ph of Caswells dyes do vary by color, although most are in the 5-6 range.

      The dye's Ph isnt correct after just mixing the dye, dont know if you knew that or not. Most of mine run a good bit high after mixing.


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        Is there somewhere to find the ph ranges for the different colors or do you just have to call Tech support?


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          Re: PH Levels

          Sorry, i havnt had a chance to make it into the shop. Looks like caswell took care of ya in the sticky.