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Anodizing color fastness

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  • Anodizing color fastness

    I was wondering how long I should expect the different colors to last when exposed to the sun. I have made some motorcycle parts and dyed them black and red. The black has lasted a couple of years without any fading, while the red is fading in less than a year. These parts are 6061, and anodized and took dye very well. Sealed with high temp sealer. Would waxing the with a good wax (with UV protectants) help? I don't want to clear coat, because these parts could be exposed to brake fluid which would eat right through that. Any suggestions on how to prolong colors that are exposed to UV. What should my expectations be on color fastness?

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    Re: Anodizing color fastness

    I do quite a few parts from 6061 that are in the sun often but not for extended periods of time. They show no signs of fading after 8 to 10 months. I try to anodize to 1 mil coating but can't say if it helps as far as UV resistance. A good wax couldn't hurt but can't say it would help. Maybe one of the other guys has better input. SS


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      Re: Anodizing color fastness

      I think it is just like paint, Red just fades.