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Anodizing Aluminium - Does the type of dye really matters ?

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  • Anodizing Aluminium - Does the type of dye really matters ?

    What Dye to use ? What are my chances if If use an off the shelf dye (like clothing dye from Walmart) ?

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    Many people are able to dye successfully using clothing dyes, but many others are not satisfied with the results they receive and prefer a professional anodizing dye.

    Clothing dye is made to dye clothes, anodizing dye is made to dye anodize. It makes sense that the anodizing dye will do a better job.

    Try the clothing dye. If you don't like the results, move up to the anodizing dye.

    And remember that old saying, "Don't spoil the ship for a half penny worth of tar!"
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      Anodizing Dye


      My friend tried dying used Black color, Dylon product. But the result didn't good. Please tell me how the good idea to make dye. My friend use steam process.
      Thank you