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    i don t know nothing about anodizing
    it could be a good business opportunity for my new shop
    but the more i read about it seem very complicate
    i d ont know by seeing it,i will understand but reading about it,what i job
    like i said before english is not my first language so i guess try to understand the process don t help me
    can i anodize aluminium valve cover, intake , carburetor etc
    if i buy a kit is it simple to understand what i thinking is a step by step process for rookie like me
    like anything else i guess practice make perfect
    do i need lot of room to operate ,
    thank you

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    Re: rocket science

    I think it would be much easier to master than the English language.
    If you read the LCD anodizing instructions and understand the basics of what anodize is, it helps.
    There is some math to figure SA (surface area) and CD (current density), so you know how much current to use for a part. A basic understanding of DC electricity is helpful. The step by step instructions are clear and if followed there is no reason you cannot anodize.
    Parts made of billet aluminum are no problem to anodize. Cast parts will range from easy, difficult, to can't do.
    The biggest problem with parts like valve covers and intakes is their power requirements to do the large amount of SA and a tank large enough to dissipate the heat that will be generated. Most carbs. are made of cast mixes that do not anodize with the exception of the base plates.
    A well organized setup could use as little as a 10' x 10' area but like most things the more room the better.
    If you have any other questions or I was not clear in my answer, just let me know.


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      Anodize Video

      I have JUST today finished the LCD Anodizing video.

      I hope to put it on the web as a streaming video later today at

      It will be available on VHS and DVD shortly

      I think this should solve most of your problems

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        Re: rocket science

        thank again for the infos
        i will watch the video for sure
        thank again guys