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What type of rectifier ?

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  • What type of rectifier ?

    Brand new to the board, glad to see the information and the help. Thank you!

    I am looking to buy equipment and am looking at a KEPCO BRAND, MODEL ATE 15-6M, 0 - 15 VOLTS @ 0 - 6 AMPS. Is this good for small items in a garage hobbyist?

    Looking to study up to learn so will be reading the board while I wait for your help.

    I appreciate you help

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    Re: What type of rectifier ?

    It will work if it is CC/CV.


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      Re: What type of rectifier ?

      Greetings B,
      Welcome! This is a great site with very competent contributors ---
      I write this from experience!
      I will emphatically endorse your efforts to review the data in the
      historical posts. Do it. You won't be sorry. If I may --- to get up to speed
      efficiently I would do forum searches on some of the key contributors you will
      come across with a general analysis. If you find a contributor making good
      points to you; then go back and selectively itemize all of their posts. You can
      do this search by Topic Author or select All posts. Right away, SSwee's posts
      will give you a great start and so will a search on Mike Caswell. And when you
      see Fibergeek's knowledge well . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      BTW, what do you want to anodize?