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  • Surface Area Dimensions

    OK, I'll start this out...
    Please post any common SA dimensions you may have.
    Here is mine. These are paintball gun parts. I''ll add to it as I get more info.
    All dimensions are welcome... not just paintball gun stuff!
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    Re: Surface Area Dimensions

    Pic working! you deserve about 100,00,00,00, e cookies!
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      Re: Surface Area Dimensions

      My mesurments for an 05 Stock ego:
      Body: 69.74"
      Gripframe: 49"
      ramtube: 16.91" (doesnt seem right, should be more)
      lpr housing: 8.3"
      Reg ASA(part that says "EGO" on it: 5.3
      Frame tag(can't rember where this peice goes): .5"
      oops rail: 5.345"
      Eye covers: 4.125 for a pair
      Stock non lever feedneck: 8.84"
      on/off knob: 3.7 (guys, any idea of what to do to protect the pin? cuz now i just have part of a nail in there)
      HPR Upper: 10.75
      Stock trigger: 2"

      Barrels: Freak tip 14"(part 9.5" in length):43.5

      Keep um comming! dont be afraid to double check any of thease values, they are just what I caculated, and are probily wrong. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK


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        Re: Surface Area Dimensions

        acid rain, you should specify what model/ what year part are, because milling changes a bunch from gun to gun, and year to year. If you need any help IDing parts, I have a pretty good knolage of paintball guns, and could help you out.


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          Re: Surface Area Dimensions

          Hmmm... moved my pic, and tried to edit my post, but can't figure that out. Am I missing something?
          I'll work on the model/year info, and I have more to add (when I can).
          As for the on/off... all on/offs come apart. Usually they unscrew (with heat to break the loc-tite), but I believe on the EGO, the pin is pressed in.
          Here is the pic again:
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            Re: Surface Area Dimensions



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              Re: Surface Area Dimensions

              I know this thread is very old, but I ran across it while looking for information about determining surface area.

              How did you guys determine your surface areas? I have been using a tailor's tape measure and crunching numbers, but I am getting some very different results from those shown. I would like to find a way to use electricity to find surface area, by measuring resistance, or some similar method.

              Here are some of the measurements I have found, expressed in square inches:

              Dye DM-8
              bolt back: 11.5
              neck: 8
              trigger: 2.1
              asa knob: 2.2
              barrel tip: 39
              barrel back 40.5

              Evil Minion
              grip frame: 33.5
              body: 78
              neck: 5.5
              neck collar: 8
              LPR cap 1.1
              bolt back: 11.7
              Hyper 2 top: 6.3
              Hyper 2 mid: 8.6
              Hyper 2 swivel collar: 5.6
              Hyper 2 bottom cap: 1.6
              both eye covers: 2.2
              trigger: 2.1

              Sidewinder swivel collar: 2.3
              Sidewinder bottom ring: 2.5
              Sidewinder reg body: 13
              Sidewinder medium-length top: 12.8
              Viking bolt pin: 2.3

              gear drive asa body: 8.5
              gear drive asa knob: 3.3

              Ego 05 body: 78.5
              Ego 05 frame: 35.5
              feedneck: 12.4
              Ram plug: .9
              Ram tube stop: 1.1
              LPR cap: 10
              vert reg mount: 6.38
              2 eye covers: 5.8
              Ego 07 body: 68.3
              Ego 07 grip frame: 26.9
              Ego 07 trigger: 2.4
              2 eye covers: 4.1
              Star reg bottom: 6.1
              Star reg swivel collar: 4.5
              Star reg body: 12.5


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                Re: Surface Area Dimensions

                awsome, im adding this to my favourites, keep the collection going. i need them for pm6 and ego 6


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                  Re: Surface Area Dimensions

                  A couple of ways that could theoretically work to get the surface area of the process material.

                  1. Turn the 720 rule around. Run a load, measure the amphours consumed in the process, then measure the average oxide thickness. So then the area should be AmpHours/(12*thickness). The hard part about this method is measuring the thickness which requires a isoscope which costs $$$. This method is good if you are going to run the same part time and time again. You run the first load using voltage control, to get the part area, then the rest you can safely run using current control

                  2. Place loads of known area into the bath and measure the resulting bath resistance. With enough data points you should be able to extrapolate the resistance of any area placed into the bath. Turn that around and you should be able to get the area of any load by measuring its resistance. This method however requires that all other factors that affect bath resistance remain constant. These include bath temperature, bath chemistry, alloy, and the distance from the parts to the cathodes. Also, the resistance should be measured using a four-wire-ohm meter since the bath resistance may be quite low.

                  I have done some work with the first method and in controlled runs, I had results that were within 10%


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                    Re: Surface Area Dimensions

                    Thank you! I am going to try to borrow an isoscope from a friend who works with medical diagnostic equipment if they have a spare one. If I can find a couple of techniques, I intend to test them and compare results. +/- 10% seems pretty good, and probably more accurate than I have been with a tape measure in the past.

                    I have been approximating as best I can and running plates with a known area at the same time as my parts to reduce the percentage by which my runs are inaccurate. I would much rather find some method that I feel greater confidence in, and that will save time.


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                      Re: Surface Area Dimensions


                      DC (all cuts) 03 Viking
                      body: 64
                      left eye cover: 3.4
                      right eye cover: 2.9
                      clamping no-rise feedneck: 9
                      feedneck collar: 3.6
                      port covers (each): .7
                      bolt pin: 1.8
                      grip frame: 41

                      DM8 parts
                      Bolt Back: 11.5
                      feedneck: 8
                      trigger: 2.1
                      asa knob: 2.1


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                        Re: Surface Area Dimensions

                        any one have specs on an 06 ego?

                        trigger frame, body, eye cover, star reg, feedneck and clamp piece. would greatly apreciate it.


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                          Re: Surface Area Dimensions

                          Feedneck and clamp piece should be the same as an 05, and I think the frame and eye covers are, too.


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                            Re: Surface Area Dimensions

                            yeah i thought so, your list is kinda confusing, it would be better if you seperate the 05 and 07 ego. can you confirm that 2 of the 05 eye covers are a total of 5.8 inch sq

                            i dont see the sa for the feedneck lock lever

                            Ram plug: .9 is that the cap that you unscrew to pull out the ram.

                            LPR cap: 10 is this the lpr assembly goes into and screws onto the gun?

                            for your star reg dimension is this for the 07 one? i have an 06 star reg.

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                              Re: Surface Area Dimensions

                              Assuming we measured correctly, 5.8 should be right for two eye covers.

                              I don't see the feedneck lever either. I am sorry, I don't know where that went.

                              Ram plug is the small fitting at the rear of the receiver that screws into the ram tube. I am pretty sure we are thinking of the same part.

                              LPR cap is the housing for the LPR internals. It is kind of awkwardly named on my list, but that is what we called it.

                              My list refers to a 07 Star Reg. I haven't messed with an 06.