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Anodizing and High Temp Environments

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  • Anodizing and High Temp Environments

    Hi, I'm an Industrial Designer working for a fireplace manufacture, and I'm looking for some information.

    I have two situations using both extruded and cast aluminum on fireplace designs. The temperatures on these parts can reach up to a continuous 500 to 650 deg F. I would like to know if any form of anodizing can withstand these kinds of temperatures.


    I can be contacted at,
    [email protected]

    I will also follow this post.

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    Re: Anodizing and High Temp Environments

    The anodizing should hold up ok, but I don't know whether or not the color would on a long term basis, assuming it was dyed. It will hold up short term, I can say that. I just don't know effects that the extended exposure might have. I would venture to say that the qualities of the dye will be a factor.

    A thick anodize, along with an extended seal time and temperature may improve the chances of success.

    You may need to do some application testing to find out.