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  • Area question

    I am new to anodizing. I ordered some "pinch" racks and I am putting several different size parts on them. My question is what is the best way to figure out my area to apply the 720 rule. Example, the plate is 6" X 4" it may have 10 #2 screws, 2 hollow tubes 1/2 X 2 and several other parts of different sizes and shapes?

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    Re: Area question

    It's best to be as close as possible but if your off 10 to 20%, it will not wreck everything.

    6" x 4" = 24"sq. x 2 sides = 48"
    1/2" x 2" tube = Pi x .5 = 1.57" x 2" = 3.14" x 2 (ID & OD) = 6.28" x 2pc = 12.56"
    48" + 12.56" = 60.56" SA

    This is rough since I don't know the thickness of the plate, wall thickness of the tubes, the length of the #2 screws or is it threaded holes for #2 screws. If you need help on how to figure SA, just let me know.


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      Re: Area question

      I have also had someone tell me if I lay all the parts out on 1" grids this would be close enough. Is this true?

      Also is there any benefit to a thicker anodize coating .001-.005?


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        Re: Area question

        Where did you get your racks from? Do you have any pictures? Would you mind telling me the cost.


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          Re: Area question

          I can see where a simpler part could be done on grid paper but most the parts I have done with the amount of complexity as your sprocket mount I have had to sit down with a pad and pencil to trig the majority of it out to get a rough SA.

          As far as dyeing there is no benefit for the thicker coating. As for durability, it will depend on how it is grown. I run at the bottom of the range on my tank temp and higher in the CD range to get a smaller pore size. I normally don't go past 1 to 1.2 mil on the coating.