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Air agitation or pump?

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  • Air agitation or pump?

    Im just wondering if anyone can tell me if its possible to use aquarium type pumps to circulate the acid in a small anodise tank or would the acid just dissolve the pump blades? or should i just use the air agitation pumps?
    Also how much air agitation does anodising need is it fast injection of bubbles or just a trickle of air? . I have a small compressor that could be regulated to any psi setting so if anyone could recommend a typical pressure etc.
    Any info would be gratefully received
    Best Regards to all

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    Re: Air agitation or pump?

    I use a little giant TE-5-MD-HC for aggitation in my tank, I have around 20 gallons and this pump will cycle the entire thing about once a mintue, you could go with a smaller pump with no trouble, i found agood deal on this one so i purchased it

    Get a Magnetic drive Little Giant and you will be set, remove the grease before you plumb it in

    When you get a pump I would go with the HC (highly corrosive) the hc models do not cost a lot more, and give you a piece of mind How big is your tank ?


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      Re: Air agitation or pump?

      The aquarium circulation pumps will work for a while if designed for salt water but not worth the hassle or money. I started with aeration. It needs to be fairly aggressive. Use larger bubbles to cut down mist problems. Pressure will vary with size and length of plumbing. Caswell has a new pump filter that I've heard works very nice. I don't know how large a tank they are good for. When I upgraded to a 20 gal. tank, I went to a 3-MD-HC pump at 720 GPH. Agitation is much better than aeration. What size tank are you running and have you thought of maybe going to a larger tank later?