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  • Pore preserving

    I have a project coming up in which there are basically two parts that need to be dyed simultaneously to achieve a matching fade. The large surface area and small power supply prohibit simultaneous anodizing. I have read that being let in the atmosphere will start to seal the pores naturally. If this is true is there any way to anodize one part and preserve the pore structure until the second part is finished anodizing and ready for the dye? My system follows.

    6/2amp manual battery charger.
    CV setup.
    Cleaner/degreaser, etch, cleaner/degreaser, desmut, anodize, 140* dye, high temp sealer.

    Can I possibly manage this or will I need to get a bigger power supply and anodizing tank in order to be successful?

    As a side question, is there any pointers one can give for calculating the surface area of very irregular pieces. A decoratively cut paintball marker is the object in question.

    Thanks for any tips you can provide.

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    Re: Pore preserving

    Keep the part in water after it's anodized, cool room temp water and it should keep that way for a bit i wouldn't store it for an entire day like that, but should be fine for a bit so you can anodize the other part



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      Re: Pore preserving

      i did a test piece on wednesday evening.Rinsed it and hung it in clean water(keep it wet). Pulled it out at noon today and put in dye tank for 15 minutes at 140degrees.It took only about 1/4 the dye it should have.Found another piece in the shop that was anodized 3 or 4 months ago, threw it in for 15 and it seemed to take dye better(about1/2 what it should)??Im gonna do more tests this weekend. Let ya all know.


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        Re: Pore preserving

        As rclint said hang submerged in distilled water while the second part anodizes, then you can dye them together. I have done this many times for a few hours, but don't know if I would push my luck with overnight.