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Anodizing using RIT dyes Question

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  • Anodizing using RIT dyes Question

    I was wondering if anyone had any different problems using different colors of RIT dye to color your anodized part?

    I did a part the other night and used the Royal blue color on it and it turned out just fine, although it was a little more purple than I wanted.
    But I did some parts last night, the exact same way I did the first ones but I used the dark green dye this time, and when I sealed the part almost all of it came off leaving a real light green when I wanted a dark green.

    Are there differences in the colors that one will work better than the others?
    I just ordered some dyes from Caswell today in hopes that will fix my problem.
    Anyone know if the Caswell green is a real bright one?

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    Answered in other forum.
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