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First Attempt - Paintball Gun Anodizing

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  • First Attempt - Paintball Gun Anodizing

    Okay just got my kit yesterday and took it out for a testdrive today. After intially getting everything set up the process got very exciting. The first attempt was on a paintball gun barrel. Everything seemed to go well till we dipped the part in Violet dye. Much to our excitement, the part started absorbing the dye quickly but when we pulled it out we noticed some white spots and blotches around the part. Though we expected errors we were very happy with the end result. The Violet color rocks and looks very good on the barrel. Because the barrel doesn't really have any good places to attach the aluminum hanger too, we handled the barrel several times trying to make the aluminum rod fit tight in the barrel, I assume this where the splotches came from.

    Now I've got a question, does anyone know how to do PB gun barrels a better way? Tomorrow we are going to do an old frame and see how it comes out. Does anyone have any suggestions on doing paintball guns and related parts?

    I have to admit, removing everything from the box and reading the book had me very discouraged in the beginning. After getting everything setup, this process seems to be rather easy afterall. AFter tonight experiments, I'm really excited over the potential of this kit.


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    Okay Day2 was better. Seems I found the problem. Forgot to use de-scaler. Second attempt had no blimishes or spots. Very-Very good.

    Still having a problem with paintball gun barrels. the only way I could get this thing to take a charge was by using an aluminum fence tie (for chain link fence). I had to bend a V in the end of it and gently force the V down the barrel. It didn't seem to leave any scratches, but I don't know if I want to use this method on any of my good barrels. Does anyone have a better way?


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      hold on.

      Well first if your barrel is ported (i.e. All-american, Boomstick, ect.) I would use small gauge titanium wire to hang the part and ano it using that set up but I must warn you re-anodizing barrels can be very dangerous for the fact that stripping the current coat throws the I.D. out, although it may not by much when your fitting the paint to the barrel it can make a world of difference. The difference from shooting 12 bps and chopping 12bps...