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Deep Red came out Fuschia

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  • Deep Red came out Fuschia

    Hi guys - I have been having good luck with my LCD setup so far. I have made some nice Black parts and had good results with Fast Blue.

    When I dyed my parts with the Deep Red, I ended up with a voilet/fuschia color. I dyed at 140F for 15min and sealed with the Caswell Sealer as directed. In a 2nd attempt I dyed for 2min and still got a fuschia/pink color.

    What could be causing this?
    Did I make the dye wrong or something? (too much dye, not enough water...)

    The specs are
    3:1 water/acid 1 qrt capacity
    lead sheet cathode
    anodizing time worked out to be 100 min
    acid temp = 70F
    Everything was done with distilled water
    Parts were polished 6061-T6

    In the container the dye even looks a like sort of bright fuschia colored.

    I really want a Red color like you see on racecar hose fittings.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks

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    Re: Deep Red came out Fuschia

    I use deep red all the time. The above pic is deep red, anodized to 1 mil, about 5 minutes in dye, so it can get darker.


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      Re: Deep Red came out Fuschia

      Same here... my deep red comes out very red.
      You didn't say what thickness you went for. Be sure to ano to a full 1 mil.
      Does your mixed dye look dark red (it should). There is a remote possiblity you were given pink instead of red.
      The other possibility is that your PH is off, or your mix is too week. Did you get every trace of dye out of the bottle when mixing?
      Usually when the dye barely works, it's an indication of a lost connection. Any possiblity of that? If you used aluminum wire, check to see if the wires dyed, but the parts didn't.
      I do things.


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        Re: Deep Red came out Fuschia

        HVAC - That's the exact red I was hoping for. The bottle says Deep Red. I wonder if this was Caswell's mistake?

        Acidrain - I'm sure I had a good connection because the dye took, but I'm not sure what my layer thickness was. It might be a little thin. I used the (720/current)*SA to get the acid time. I'm using the ghetto let'r rip PS method, but I don't think that should effect this color stuff since I'm making nice blacks, and blues from the same batch.

        Here's a pic of my parts.

        When I made the dye, I only wanted one pint, so I measured out the full contents of the bottle in a graduated cylinder and then divided it by 16. I added that amount (~6.5ml) to my pint of dist. H2o. This trickery might be the source of my problems. Maybe I should mix up the full 2 gallons just to make sure it's right.
        Unless, I can play with the PH. I don't have any way of measuring the PH though.


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          Re: Deep Red came out Fuschia

          Please contact us regarding this matter. 315-946-1213.

          Thank you.
          Jason Vanderbroek
          315 946 1213 x116


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            Re: Deep Red came out Fuschia

            Hey roznerd did you just get the dye from them, I had the same problem. They had the wrong dye in the deep red bottle, I received violet dye in a deep red marked bottle, thats probably what happened! They sent me a new bottle of red and it is now correct color.

            PS. Thanks to Caswell for quickly correcting the problem!



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              Re: Deep Red came out Fuschia

              you probably want to get a way to test the ph in your tanks. ph can drastically change the color.


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                Re: Deep Red came out Fuschia

                Rad - They did the same for me. I guess there was a labeling mix up. A new Deep Red is on the way.

                Thanks Caswell for the great customer service!