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  • anodizing cast aluminum

    Hello all
    I have a small Foundry here in Alaska and need to anodize a few of my products. Is there anything I should know about getting a good color on a CAST piece versus a extruded product? My first prototypes are of a mystery alloy, the material was cast I just remelted it. I am only looking for a satin finish. The products will be belt sanded to say 220 maybe 320 grit if I have to. I have to keep this production minded. Any tips or advice would be apreciated.
    Thanks 8knots

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    It's slightly harder to get good results on cast aluminum. You really need to be using professional chemicals, such as the de-smut found in our anodizing system. Using the "cheap" techniques found on the web don't usually give good consistent results on cast items.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      After being in the Auto Body and paint biz for over thirty years off and on, I have found that when ever I try to cut corners in procedure and or the use of quality materials, it would usually end up costing me more in the long run in lost labor having to do it over and the materials to do it again. If I were you I would buy the quality tested materials and take the advice of a company bent on your success and figure out exactly what each step intails to get the results you want and then stick with it as experimenting around to try and save a buck usually will end up in returned product and or services to which would not be a good reflection on your personal business or a good investment of your time. I have yet to buy a kit here .. but intend to as soon as I weigh all the alternatives to what I want to do and determine to the best of my ability what system will work best for the quality of product I want to produce. I think Caswell has the information and the products I want to use as they have taken the time to line out step by step the processes for plating and polishing of metals (to name a few) which is invaluble to anyone looking to do these processes themselves. This enables you to gain greater quality controll over finished products you may be selling. Most companies want to sell you a product with little information on the proper use of that product which does nothing but waste your time and costly materials experimenting to get the results you want. Take my advise and take the path of least resistance and trust that Caswell has the expertes' and the products to meet or exceed your expectations. I hate nothing more then spending money on consumable products for my business without the understanding first how to apply them in order to minimize waste and maximize profits, in fact I just can't afford to do that anymore. The materials used in this Auto Body and Paint industry has exceeded inflation rates in cost by 10 times since I started in 1973, and therefor any new process that is not clearly lined out as to proceedure of use is not an option any more. Don't try and fix a system that ain't broke, lest you touch it and break it and break yourself trying.
      I am excited to find this information as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities I can apply to my business. Thanks Caswell for all the hard work in making this all possible to those of us who never thought we could do this type of process without an exceptionally large investment and especially the step by step proceedures you have painstakenly laid out for our success. I know the countless man hours this must have taken to accomplish. I am confident that I can buy your products and with little trouble come out with great results as I study and hang on every last word you have laid out, and do beleive in a very short time, will have a sytem down applied from this information to produce a quality product I plan to market. Without this information and availability of product I would be forced to hire consultants at hundreds of dollars per hour to gain the proper information or subcontract this part of the process out costing more time and shipping costs to do so. Then becuase of these factors, would not really know if I had the quality I needed in every aspect of manufacture to minimise loss. When ever I can do it myself I have controll over these parameters. But as soon as I depend on those on the outside, I am then at risk that they did not cut a corner or two to try and maximize their profits and comprimise my success and the quality of my product in doing so. I like being able to determine my own outcome with a higher percentage of predictability as I have never been one to gamble much when it comes to my reputation in workmanship. Therefor it is the utmost importants to deal with other like minded businesses like Caswell who would ultimately fail if they were not capable of selling a product to someone with zero understanding of this feild and have them get the professional results they have demonstrated using these systems. After all this is their target client ...those with no exposure to these arts. Do you think they would continue to do business with a company that did not do everything they could to help you suceed? If you do suceed you then come back for more product which is what keeps companies like this alive. Looking for new clients for a one time sell is a sure way to failure. Unless your resale percentages are high in this type of market its very hard to stay in business today in considersation of these world markets of hugh corporations importing and selling junk goods far less then the cost most of us can produce them for in material costs only. So unique quality nitch markets with products or services involving the arts or quality craftmanship which can not be exported feasibly or economically and or have little competition is the wave to success with us little guys. Trying to make products that might be in competition with Chinees slave labor forces in the billions of people is like a misquito trying to fly counter to the rotation of a level 4 tornado backwards. (while dodging the debree), good luck to anyone trying to do so.