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  • Anodizing

    I have had several people ask me to anodize parts (mainly Harley) for them after seeing some of the stuff I've done with your kit, what is a fair price to charge by a. area, or b. piecework? Looks like I have come on a paying proposition here (that was the original idea). Enjoy the electroless Krome kit mucho. Thanks Dennis. Please note the q/a under previous message.

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    Re: Anodizing

    Don't know what the going rate is...we've never had to use someone's services for this

    Perhaps some helpful customer will answer this question for us.
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      Re: Anodizing

      I usually charge by time. If the part is going to take a long time (cleaning, polishing and finishing) the price goes up. If they are small parts ready for the tank, the price is fairly cheap.
      Figure it by the anount of time you will spend. Also, custom mixed colors and black are always more.
      Hope this helps.


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        Re: Anodizing

        I also charge by time. I usually do a free sample for them, this will let them see my work and also give me a better understanding on how long it will take for me to do what they want.